Arriving Leak Detection System In Bangladesh

June 20, 2022by Admin0
Leaks are a senseless waste of energy. It hampers our daily instrumental production & our valuable assets too.

There are many types of fault, such as :

  1. Compressed air leak
  2. Lubricant fault
  3. Steam trap fault
  4. Tightness fault
  5. Hatch fault.

We can minimize our losses by using  Detection system which is Made by SDT & is provided by Rayple.

This detection system detects many things, such as :

  1. Leak Checker : It detects compressed air leaks.
  2. Lube checker : It determines the capacity and condition of lubricant.
  3. Trap Checker : It checks the health condition of  steam traps.
  4. Tight Checker : It tests the tightness.
  5. Hatch Checker : It determines the condition of hatches.
  6. Ultra checker : It checks everything mentioned above.

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