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Our clients count on us to think without limits. By harnessing the power of digital technology and innovation, and connecting our technical experts and visionaries around the world, we deliver tailored solutions and transformative outcomes for our clients and the communities they serve.

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Taking seamless key performance indicators.

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Engage fully tested process improvement platforms.


Leverage other resource leveling convergence.

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Globally network focused material products.

Transforming Project Delivery

Pairing our own digital tools with the latest software programs from our partners, we transform project delivery. Our Rayple Learned Intelligence tool uses machine learning to detect design errors and improve productivity. Digital Libraries of DfMA-ready components designed by our architects and engineers not only speed up delivery, but more importantly allow us to use data to optimize projects in terms of sustainability, flexibility, quality, safety and more.

Partnering for Impact

We’re collaborating with experts and innovators to pioneer new solutions. Through our work with partners such as Google Cloud, Microsoft and Autodesk, we apply data science in unique ways, building industry-leading automated design tools and creating collaborative digital platforms that are transforming the infrastructure sector.

Visualizing the Future

We’re blurring the lines between physical and digital worlds with virtual and augmented reality. By bringing digital models to life, our clients can interact with their projects throughout the design process, visualizing the future like never before. See some our visualization work in action here.

Our projects

ESG Strategy

An ESG strategy refers to the plan you have to meet ESG objectives such as reducing energy consumption, diversifying the talent pool, and attracting customers with sustainable products.

Accelerating Ideas and Innovation

By fostering a culture that embraces original ideas, we amplify our results. Our Global Challenge competition enables the rise of inventive solutions from any employee in any part of the company. Winners receive the resources necessary to accelerate commercialization of their ideas. Our Mindblazer competitions are regional ideation challenges that help generate rapidly implementable ideas to improve results at a team or project level. Read more about how we’re using gamification to encourage and reward innovative thinking here.

Solving Environmental Challenges

We’re leading the industry in solving water and environmental challenges. Our patented water treatment solution, De-FluoroTM, destroys a globally pervasive emerging contaminant (PFAS), our Inflow & Infiltration technology-enabled process optimizes infrastructure upgrades, and our Aerobic Granular Sludge (AGS) technology uses less energy and land than alternative solutions. We’re redefining the traditional environmental assessment process with our ALytics Environmental Engagement and changing the way our environmental data is collected and managed with our Environmental Data Collection and Analysis application.

The indelible
mark of rights-based
interventions continually
show progress and results
towards a more equitable
and just society in which
human dignity is upheld.

Shahidul Morsalin Joarder
Country Director

You are what you are, thanks to your family. You are their dream and the best way to reciprocate is to multiply the inheritance you receive, manifold.

J.M.Mostafizur Rahman
Director Global Operations

We contribute for sustained social development and respond towards customers satisfaction by our engineering skills and reliable proposals.

Jinatul Islam
Technical Director

We aim to be a corporate group that continues to grow through solving social challenges and creating diverse value with the power of chemistry.

Hafiz Al Anam
Country Manager

Merging skills and passions, Rayple is constantly opening new frontiers in Information Technology and services.

Shamim Ahmed
Director Technology Transformation and AI

Seamlessly empower fully researched growth strategies and interoperable internal or organic sources with optimal networks strategic web-readiness.

Farha Tabassum 
Management Coordinator

As a truly customer-centric company, we focus on the creation of new value to achieve sustainable profit growth.

Mufrad Abir
Business Development Associate

I would like to inform you that we continue to work very hard in preparing to ensure that you are provided with a quality service that meets your goal and that it respects the high standards.

MD. Abu Bakar Siddique Kibria
Technical Associate

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