Carbon Footprinting Carbon Footprinting

From prototyping through delivery, each customer is assigned a dedicated support team to seamlessly move programs through production, you can rely on Rayple as a critical part of your supply chain.

What is Carbon Footprinting ?

  • A carbon footprint is a calculation of total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Your footprint will be the baseline against which you track your future climate progress. It will also enable you to understand your full impact across all Scopes of your organization, which will be vital for your sustainability reporting and essential to achieving Net-Zero.Your carbon footprint should be compliant with an internationally recognized standard for GHG calculation such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol or ISO 14064. These frameworks ensure that we are all reporting in a standardized manner and that your footprint meets internationally agreed requirements.Many companies find that the majority of emissions lie beyond their direct control and within Scope 3 (this will include your supply chain, your business travel, and/or potentially your investment portfolio). At EcoAct, we can help you to overcome the challenges of carbon footprint calculation to help you gain a robust and credible carbon footprint.

How we can help with carbon footprinting.

01Organisational Footprinting
  • This service will help you to understand the sources of carbon across your company’s full operations, including energy use by your offices, processes, and business travel. We can also help you with a value chain strategy in order to gather the data and calculate a Scope 3 carbon footprint.
02Product Footprinting
  • We look at the carbon embedded in different stages of a product’s life on a ‘cradle to gate’ or ‘cradle to grave’ basis, including the impact of the supply chain, materials, manufacture, installation, and disposal of the product. Our product footprint service will help you to identify the appropriate product footprint standard to use (e.g. PAS 2050), the scope for data collection, assist in data collection and conversion to carbon equivalencies.
03Portfolio Footprinting
  • Increasingly, asset owners such as pension funds, insurance companies, and sovereign wealth funds are acknowledging their exposure to climate change risk. By calculating the carbon emissions of investment portfolios, companies can identify and then take steps to reduce carbon risk exposure.At EcoAct, we have developed a specialist portfolio footprinting tool, ClimFIT, to help organizations to measure and analyze their carbon exposure across varying types of asset classes.

01Energy Management Energy Audit

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02Impact Assessment

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03Energy Audit Energy Audit

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04Engineering Net Zero

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