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What is Energy Audit ?

  • Energy Auditing is a tool for identifying energy efficiency potential and measures. An energy audit is an important tool or method for finding such potentials for energy efficiency measures and for assessing their financial viability, which can be carried out at different levels.
    A simple level just includes a brief site inspection as well as assessing the broad energy input and output of a system – this identifies low-cost energy-saving opportunities.
    Medium level audits include an in-depth analysis of energy costs, energy usage, and system characteristics along with on-site energy demand measurements to identify energy efficiency measures that are more capital intensive and need to be aligned with the financial budget plan of the site.
    The most sophisticated level, which is referred to as an investment-grade audit, includes additional continuous monitoring of system data and process characteristics.
  • Energy audits on such comprehensive levels can also form an important basis or first step for introducing and establishing energy management systems (EMS) in enterprises/ other institutions. They enable efficient management of energy demand and consumption in production or processing entities – also in agricultural value chains (International Standard for EMS: ISO 50001).

The Main Goals of Energy Audit
  • Performing a cost-benefit analysis for highlighting which energy efficiency measures are best to implement
  • Finding alternative measures to reduce energy losses and improve the overall performance
  • Understanding how energy is used within the system or process, and where it is wasted

01Energy Audit Energy Audit

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