Steering the future || Bangladeshi Young professionals are dreaming for dazzling time ahead.

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16 Oct 2020

Bangladesh is recovering faster than other countries as pandemic slowed down the Economy. Most of the office and institutions are back in action. But corona virus is still fighting well with the elderly people of the country.  In this crucial situation young generation is occupying the fields.

Bangladeshi young, since the early revolution of country acted as game changers. 1952 is remarkable achievement due to the strong involvements of university. In 1969 and 1971 Bangladeshi young dedicated themselves for the country. Still now, Bangladesh is indirectly driven by the power of young generations.

In past, the involvement of young was very limited to the political parties. But after 2010 youth started to think about their involvement in small Business. A large number of young started to lead the corporate and government sector with their modern ideology. As digitalization became faster in 2015, more and more young started competition with the world over freelancing and started earning for the country in a new different field.

Now many organization is working in different groups. Most of these successful organizations are led by young generation.  From Humanitarian work to development work, everywhere the college and university students are executing primary roles.

BYPA is one of this groups of young professionals trying to motivate the young professionals. They are currently working to motivate and raise awareness among different professional. In an interview with Mr. Gazi Farhad Reza, a young Barrister, described their future plan for the country. He believes that the high potential of Bangladeshi youth must be recognized and nurtured. Youth motivation for positive change must be sustainable and for this sustainability a strong trusted network of partners around the youth innovators are important. Here youth led cross professional networking can play a vital role in shaping the future of Bangladesh.

Like Mr. Farhad Reza, many others are moving forward for building the nations together with a hope for a sustainable and prosperous future.

So the new pairs of Young hands are coming forward to steer the nation. It is obvious that the young all over the world is taking control over new innovations. It is also the right time for the older people to guide this young potentials through their knowledge. Hope the future will shine like their dreams.

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