Rohingya Crisis || Uncertainty about the world’s largest refugee settlement

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08 Oct 2020

It is almost three years since hundreds of thousands fled violence and persecution in Myanmar; Rohingya refugees of Bangladesh are facing new challenges, including the threat of COVID-19. As Bangladesh is still a country of over population. Mostly dense populated country in the world is undergoing another challenges.

There are multi sectoral Challenges for this crisis at this moment. The number one issue is the geo political instability at the region. The local people have become homeless due to the largest settlement. Supplying necessary foods and other facility is another challenge.

As the refugees are being treated as the guest and getting free foods compared to the locals. The local people are being depressed. The commodity price is higher due to the settlement. Many development Authorities are moving frequently made the local environment difficult to control. Few years back the pollution level for the locals were adaptive to the environment. But the sudden increment of the huge settlement at the region has made the situation worse.

It is quite difficult to know the size of this area covered by the people who has not been there. Standing at the top, nothing is visible rather than temporary roofs and far Hilltops. Maybe another settlements is occupied at those distance hilltops.

As many development projects are ongoing, the implementation groups are finding it sometimes very difficult to handle the children frequently moves around this project sites. Number of children at this camps are growing very rapidly. In recent months, an average Rohingya mother has delivered her 3rd child after coming to Bangladesh.

Now, The Rohingya topic has become a forgotten thing. As newspapers and media is not covering their situations. Only the Local Governments and NGO’s are working to minimize the suffering by implementing various projects. But Uncertainty is now the biggest challenge to overcome the situation.

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